What to do and who to notify in the event of a members death

If a member passes away, there are certain notifications that must be made. If the member lives local and the family wishes to have the HPB escort, pallbearers and Ceremonial Unit, it is necessary to contact the department during normal business hours. Call the Police Academy at 516 573-5740. If you call during non business hours, call CB at 516 573-7000 and give them the information. If you do call CB, it is best to call the Police Academy during the next business day with a follow-up call. Remember it takes time to get things rolling so advance calling of a funeral service is a must if you want an HPB escort, pallbearers and Ceremonial Unit and ARPO bereavement service.
Here is the procedure and numbers to call and places that should be notified when a member passes:
Nassau County Police Department Police Academy 516 573-5740, Communications Bureau – 516 573-8610
1. A family member or beneficiary must make this call.
2. A teletype is sent to all commands, the Public Information Office and Union offices.
3. Union Offices then notify their members of any funeral details.
4. The family member/beneficiary are also notified if there is any life insurance.
ARPO is the only organization that provides a bereavement service for local ARPO members provided they are notified in advance of the service. Notify any ARPO officer listed in the newsletter or call 631 909-4008. ARPO also provides a death benefit.
N.C. PBA – Police Officers – 516 294-6230 – A Death certificate with raised seal is necessary. Send to 89 E. Jericho Tpke., Mineola, NY 11501
N.C. DAI – 516 681-8442,777 Old Country Road, Suite 202, Plainview, NY 11801
N.C. SOA – 516 681-8624, 777 Old Country Road, Suite 201, Plainview, NY 11801
The Comptrollers office must be notified to continue the spouse’s health insurance – Health Insurance Section 516 571-2676 or 2362, 240 Old Country Road, Mineola, NY 11501
If the member was also a member of the RPA, notify them at 516 294-4488 for death benefit.